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Which School Fundraising Catalog Should I Choose?

School fundraising is a brilliant way to raise money for a variety of causes related to the school or otherwise. Many schools which run for non-profit purposes find it difficult to raise money for many reasons. Recent fund cuts in India have also made accessing foreign aid much more difficult. This has resulted in India crowdfunding becoming much more vital to school fundraising than before.

School fundraising can be done in many ways and for many reasons. Let us say you have a newly formed sports team in the school that needs financial back up. You can go to your backers or donors and ask for money directly. But there is also another way in which you can raise money – by selling things. This is a very basic and old way to raise money like never before.

 There are school fundraising sites where you go to and order things that can be sold. You order these in bulk and distribute them among various people. You raise money by selling these things.

School fundraising catalogs often provide discounted prices or have very low profit margins. This is why people get things from these places. Moreover, in many places, tax benefits come with such platforms. You buy your supplies from these places in bulk and get a set of students to sell them. Depending on the kind of students, income range of families etc. you choose your fundraising catalog.

Although most fundraisers in India come with a crowd funding pitch. In school fundraising that is not the case. Here the catalog gives the pitch and lets you know the many benefits that come with buying things from the site. Some tips to choose a catalog are provided below.

  1. Make sure that the catalog you are going for provides you with a discount. If it does not provide you with a discount, make sure it provides you with some kind of benefit whereby you can pay the money later. Sometimes catalogs will not take any shipping costs from you. All of this is important. Consider them all and go for your best option.
  2. Figure out who your sellers are. If you are raising money from your school, your sellers are likely students. Consider their age and their likely friend’s groups. What kind of income level do they come from? Keeping all this in mind, choose a product to sell.
  3. Make sure you give children child-friendly products to sell. For example, chocolates are a good thing to give children to sell. This makes them personally invested in them.
  4. If you are raising money for an art club, asking students to sell colors and pencils can be useful to them. The best kinds of sellers are the ones who are personally invested in the fundraising effort.
  5. Make sure that the catalog you choose is safe. Safety matters to schools. The colors in the products and all other components should be safe for handling by children. This is important.
  6. Your fundraising catalog should be efficient and should not have margins which are too high. This makes it difficult for the fundraisers to make money and this disturbs fundraising efforts.
  7. Make sure your catalog understands the local needs. A catalog based in India understands the needs in this country. If you can get more local than the country, even better.
  8. Keep in mind that you should get some discounts if you are raising money for a cause. Make sure that your platform provides you with these. Your platform should be able to differentiate between the different types of campaigns. It should know who to raise money from. If your cause involves something which is a social ailment (consider violence against minorities, women or education for children etc.) it should provide you with different packages.

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