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What is Boilerplate Language When it Comes to Patents?

If you have an invention, you need to protect your ideas with a patent. This is a scary and overwhelming experience, but it helps to use an attorney to assist in the process. The patent process can contain jargon that is hard to understand, so before applying for a patent, get an idea on what you are getting into along with learning about some important terms, such as boilerplate language.


What is a patent? A patent is an official document that gives the right to an inventor of a useful and new invention. Think of it as a contract between the inventor and the United States Government. You must apply for a patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office to receive protection. There are 3 different main types of patent categories that include a utility patent, a design patent and a plant patent. When it comes to protecting your invention and preventing others from making, using or selling your invention without permission, you need to apply for a patent. Without a patent, others have full rights to do these things without owing you money.

What is patentable?

Keep in mind the things that are patentable include new, non-obvious and useful processes, machines, articles of clothing and composition of matter, or improvement of any of those. A thorough patent search needs to be conducted to ensure that your idea is not already out there. Rely on a skilled Arizona patent attorney to get the job done effectively.

What is Boilerplate Language?

Boilerplate language is common in patent applications. This is a general disclaimer that is reused without being changed. It is written in the text of the contract and is standardized language that is usually towards the end of the agreement. Think of it as a general disclaimer that contains nonspecific information and can be found on all patent applications.

Patent Attorneys

A patent attorney has a solid understanding of all things patents. From protecting a patent, to the application process, to legal advice through the entire process, and even when a patent has been violated. There are many different patents and a patent attorney is well-versed in all of them including chemical patents, internet patents, cosmetic patents, digital patents, electrical patents and more. The right attorney will work in cooperation with you to your full satisfaction. 

Parsons and Goltry

Parsons & Goltry knows patents and understand the process. With over 50 years of experience, the intellectual property attorneys are your go to legal team for all things patents. Home to the top patent attorney in Phoenix, Parsons and Goltry have the experience and skills to help you understand the patent application and assist you through the application, helping you protect your inventions.

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