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Various Industries That Rely on Abrasive Blasting

Sand blasting has long been an essential service for many industries, and with developments within the sector, there are many other mediums aside from sand, that are used to clean surfaces prior to painting or applying a protective coating. Here are just some of the industries that rely heavily on abrasive blasting.

  • The Mining Industry – Heavy machinery has to work all hours and in very extreme conditions, and by using sand blasting, the machinery can be cleaned back to the original metal surface, before a series of protective layers and paint are applied. This prolongs the life of the equipment, which might be huge earthmoving trucks and excavators, and the mining company would outsource equipment care to a third-party specialist.
  • The Haulage Industry – Approximately 90% of all goods are moved by road, and the trucks have to endure some extreme punishment, as you can imagine. Abrasive blasting will leave vehicle clean, allowing mechanics to work, replacing parts as necessary. If you search online, there is always affordable bead blasting in Perth which will prepare your haulage trucks for a new coat of paint, which is followed by a protective coating to prolong life.
  • Structural Steel – Bridges, flyovers and other steel structures require protection against the harsh elements, and after abrasive blasting, special primers are applied and then the final coats of paint. Without abrasive blasting, the many steel structures would take too much time to prepare for paint and protective layering, and with mobile sand blasting units, they can clean and prepare even hard to reach areas.
  • The Auto Industry – Bodywork demands sand blasting, which quickly strips paint from the body, allowing the technician to work on the body, then he can spray the body in a special enclosure. An old engine, for example, can be blasted to leave it looking like new, so the mechanic will always blast the engine prior to working on it.

Aside from all of the above, sand blasting can be used to clean concrete, steel and even timber surfaces, and for delicate materials, there are softer mediums that do not damage the surface. If, for example, you with to clean up a limestone wall, abrasive blasting will do the job in next to no time, and with a skilled operator, an entire house can be completed within a single day.

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