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Perfection Comes Essential in the Process of Gamification for You

Digitization has completely upset traditional marketing techniques.Consumers have evolved, both in their profile and their expectations.New markets have been created, and competition has intensified.

Faced with these new challenges, it is essential to adapt its digital marketing strategy.And that’s where gamification in marketing makes sense.This new marketing approach makes it possible to obtain very good results as long as it is well used, obviously.

Here’s everything you need to know about marketing gamification, to kill the game – how to use gamification in marketing and sales.

Gamification definition

The term gamification is a neologism, taken from the English word game.But that, we think you would have guessed alone.Gamification in marketing involves applying to marketing mechanisms usually used in the game.

Basically, it’s about using game-specific principles to transpose them to traditional marketing techniques.Gamification in marketing can be devilishly effective if used properly because there is no federator more powerful than the game.The latter uses many of our basic instincts. It is a competitive spirit for example.

Who is never taken to the game (it is the case to say it) to try to win a competition for example?

Team spirit also:

The game makes it possible to unite people around a common cause.

In short, gamification is a very powerful lever for action to engage consumers.

And this is also a strategy that has been widely adopted, especially by the biggest marketers.

Masterclass of gamification by King

The example we are going to quote you will certainly speak to you.This is the world famous smartphone game Candy Crush Saga.Developed by the American giant King, this little mobile game is now a real empire.And yet, the basic principle is very simple.You probably know him, but you cannot resist the urge to remind you.

You see that it works!

In Candy Crush, you just have to create combinations of three or more candies to complete a level. It isa hyper-colored design, an addictive gaming mechanism. All the ingredients of gamification comes together to create a real little marketing bomb.

Why marketing?

  • Simply because under its air of little game cute, Candy Crush is actually a manipulator.
  • Because if the basic game is free, King brews millions thanks to its various and varied boosters.
  • Players have the opportunity to buy extra lives, as well as other options.
  • Paying of course, and which are intended to accelerate the progression of the player in the game.
  • And of course, the number of attempts is not unlimited in Candy Crush.

The player has only five lives in a row, which recharge every half hour.And the game goes even further, also allowing a limited number of moves to complete the level.What frustrate the player greatly, especially if he was about to finish a level.It is precisely on the frustration of his players that King has to make his butter.And it must be recognized that it works of thunder!

How to use gamification in marketing?

As you can see, gamification in marketing can give excellent results.And to get results, we must focus on two main actions: to unite a community, and to create interaction with its members.

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