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Omar Ascha Shares 5 Critical Skills and Tips for Career Advancement and Development

Attaining the highest levels of any career is often a tough and strenuous endeavor. Not only does the competition tend to get even stiffer as you progress, individuals who make it to the top often need to acquire additional skills as they climb up the ladder. While this may sound like a no-brainer, the vital step lies in figuring out precisely what skillset and strategy you need to complement your current ability and strengths to help you develop and advance your career.

Having spent years as a business professional, Omar Ascha is a financial analyst who is well versed in facilitating mergers and acquisitions, capital raising/strategic advisory, and working with clients to help them progress in their various field with vertical results.

This experience in the real world coupled with his years spent working near professionals who have achieved excellent results as a result of his assistance, Omar Ascha provides much-needed insight to formulate powerful and useful tips that everyone needs to advance in just about any field.

Here are five powerful tips Omar Ascha recommends for anyone looking to get ahead in their careers:

  1. Develop your sales skills

The most important thing that every business focuses on is sales. Without sales, there will be no revenue. This relationship between sales and revenue is closely tied into organizational growth; thereby, making the ability to sell a highly valuable skill that one must have if he/she intends to make any significant advancement in his/her field.

Even if you aren’t in a traditional sales role, learning how to persuade and sell your abilities, convince peers and impress superiors immediately gives you an advantage when placed side by side with competitors who are vying for the same position.

  1. Go for wins


It is easy to get complacent in our current corporate workplace. With most companies adopting a relaxing and supportive culture, there might be situations where you may not feel the need to push quite as hard. However, if you intend to outshine, out-improve and outwork your peers while aiming for any development, you must endeavor to always go for the win. This could be on deals, group projects, presentations, sales calls, or even company pitches.

  1. Focus on pushing your agenda

You will be genuinely surprised by the staggering amount of people who never get around to stating what they want. If you are hoping ever to develop your career, then the skill of pushing your agenda is one you must master. Whether it’s asking for raises, promotions or even more tasks added to your workload, you should always evaluate what you want and decide precisely when it is best to push those agendas.

  1. Hone your interpersonal skills

No matter how skilled or talented you are, you aren’t going to make much growth in your career by being a hermit. While people will opt for competent hands to get the job done, they will always favor the skilled hand with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Learning to interact, connect, get along and communicate with your team members will help you achieve more while showing you exactly where you need to step in. Keep in mind that employers will always hire people who are competent and are great company.

  1. Learn how to delegate

One of the biggest things that Omar Ascha emphasizes when working with clients and students is the art of delegation. As you begin to advance in your careers, it is only natural that you will need to take on more high-level tasks while letting other people handle what could be termed as “busy work.” Therefore, it is essential that you can quickly find out who is best for the job to guarantee flawless execution.

As you learn to incorporate these five steps into your career habits, you will not only start building a reputable and robust career, but will begin to develop healthy partnerships, and strong leadership abilities that precede you.

About Omar Ascha:

Omar Ascha is a rising star in the world of finance and securities. He is a finance professional dedicated to achieving optimal results by providing expert guidance and access to strategic capital. With a degree in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkley, Mr. Ascha uses his educational background as well as his experiences in real-world banking to create sustainable economic growth for his clients.

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