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How to be more efficient with your time?

The simplest and the one-word answer for this would be to be conscious enough or focussed enough about everything you do. When someone does something with complete awareness, finding the right ways or the smart ways for the same becomes effortless. Interesting enough is the fact that one can be equally focussed even while not doing anything; this state is called the meditation. Just like meditation, when someone gets focussed about something he/she does, time flies like a feather. Naturally, one becomes the most productive and successful. And, success multiplies, making a person feel naturally enthusiastic.

Being enthusiastic about what you do

As discussed above, the focus is the fundamental thing that can make anyone a better manager of time. When it comes about improving focus, it is not possible for every common man to be genius and not get distracted the way people generally get in general. Hence, the simplest way available for being more aware and dedicated towards the work is to be enthusiastic about the same. When someone loves doing something, it is not required him/ her to teach how to find time in that regard. They would manage to find time even amidst all sorts of huddles. There are many examples of genius people those have achieved success in this way.

Balancing time between personal and professional life

Being passionate about a hobby or something like that and towards the profession is indeed two different things. Even if someone turns his passion into a profession, keeping the same level of enthusiasm intact is practically not possible always. This leads towards laziness and lethargic tendencies towards the work.

Needless is to say that a lazy person can never be a better manager of the time. Hence, the task is now to put efforts to stay enthusiastic in professional life. The interesting part is that time management and being enthusiastic about work are directly proportionate or interrelated to each other. A better time manager naturally becomes more enthusiastic about the work.

However, life is not all about profession though; there are other responsibilities one has to handle as well. Sometimes being too enthusiastic about work people ruin the mainstream social and family life, which ultimately affects the work or causes the distraction. Given below are some handy tips on how to maintain the perfect balance between work life and social/family life, being a better manager of time.

  • Set the priorities. Life can be simplified to a great extent through this strategy. Once the priorities are set, one can easily distribute time accordingly.
  • Take responsibilities. One doesn’t need to teach how to manage time to someone responsible for something.
  • Do meditation; meditation helps in improving the clarity of mind. Someone with a clear mindset perfectly understands the priorities and thus manages time perfectly. Doing some physical work is equally necessary as well. After all, time management is impossible with bad health.
  • Sit and review a day’s activities daily. This would naturally help in addressing things that create disturbances.
  • Finally, be a happy and satisfied person in life. Someone remaining unhappy gets stressed too early. One may take reference of the life of legendary people in this context as well.

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