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How Can I Lose My Trademark Or Copyright?

There are some common mistakes that people can make regarding their trademarks. These mistakes can make them lose their trademarks or copyrights in an instant find more info . People need to comply with some requirements if they do not want to lose their registered trademark. When they do not fulfil all the requirements for their registered trademarks or copyrights, they end up losing their trademark registration and copyright registration in UAE.

Here Are Some of the Reasons That Can Make You Lose Your Trademark and the Protection Related To It;

No Use

When the people abandon their trademarks, and do not use them, they ultimately lose them. There are many countries in the world who grant the trademarks to the people on the basis of their use and no registration. In the case of UAE, you ought to register your trademark if you want to keep it protected from others.

When a trademark owner gets ceased from using their trademark, their right of protection of their trademark will be taken away from them as well. So, if you want to keep on using your trademark, you ought to keep it using as well. Do not abandon your trademarks or else someone else will come and start using it.

Generic Trademark

Using a unique name is the specialty of the trademark. This is because it is a logo or a unique name which defines you and helps people in differentiating you from others. People sometimes ignore this basic thing and ends up using a generic name for their trademark. If your trademark is not distinctive from others, you will not be able to gather more customers. The distinctiveness is the thing that helps you in gathering more customers because of your name. If your name doesn’t appeal them, your selling value will get decreased as well.

Naked Licensing Rule

The trademark owner must be able to inspect and control the quality of the goods and services he is providing to the people. If he doesn’t do so, an involuntary abandonment of his trademark will occur eventually. When the consumers do not get the stuff, they expect from the trademark owner, the owner will lose his trademark.


Misrepresenting your and not providing the services you claim to provide will result in the loss of your trademark. Some people do this while brand registration in UAE. They represent the company in a fake manner. When this all gets identified, they lose their trademarks.

Such issues keep on arising in the field of business. People need to know how important it is to keep their words in business. If they do not comply with these requirements of the business, they will end up losing a lot of things. So, make sure that you do not commit any of the above-mentioned mistakes as your business is your property and you should not do anything that could harm it in any way. be on the safe side and enjoy the perks of the trademark without losing it. Click here to find more about scope of copyright protection

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