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Can You Save Your Packaging Cost with Value Engineering?

Many of you must be thinking that you are paying too much cost for the packaging of your product that you are shipping to your customer. Did you ever consider about what materials are being used for the packaging? You will notice that you are trying to overuse certain packing materials or possibly you are using much stronger material and they are not giving you any additional benefit at all.

It has been observed that many packaging companies want to play safe and as a result they will try to over specify while designing the packaging. Therefore, they end up using unnecessarily extra amount of material for packing and thus increasing the packaging cost. Their objective is however to ensure that no transit damage may take place.

However, if an engineering approach is followed while designing the packaging, you will end up using optimum amount of packaging material and thus save money with custom packaging. This approach is known as value engineering approach for optimum packaging.

In value engineering approach, the whole packaging process are further analyzed in order to identify where over specification have been done. Number of factors are considered when value engineering is applied for packaging. Those are as follows:

  • Strength of Materials needed for packing
  • Optimum amount of packing material needed
  • Dimension of the product to be packaged
  • Construction and weight
  • How the item has to be transported

Based on above inputs the optimum packaging need is determined without compromising the safety of the item to be transported. This will help you to save lots of packaging cost and if this approach is followed by any company then obviously it can result into plenty of saving in packaging cost in the longer run.

Following are few benefits of taking value engineering approach for packaging:

  • It can help you to identify, where you are unnecessarily putting thrust for packaging materials which is not giving any value of your money.
  • You can help you to select any alternate cheaper material for packaging, that can give you the same benefit that you have been getting.
  • You can decide the optimum dimension of your packing required and helps you to reduce space while shipping. Shipping cost also based on the space that your packaging is needed.
  • Weight of the packaging can also be reduced which also has bearing in the shipping cost.
  • Help you to choose environment friendly materials for packing that can be easily recycled.

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