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Are parents still willing to let their children study in the United States?

Parents are always obsessed with worrying about small-probability events, because these sensational small-probability events bring their own news attributes, making them all day-to-day reported by the media, occupying our attention. In fact, the campus in the United States is very safe. Most American schools have set up a security system to ensure the safety of students. In addition, US law stipulates that crimes on campus will be severely punished. In summary, both American law and American schools are very concerned about the safety of students. Therefore, parents who want to let their children study abroad can’t be ruined because of the insecurity in the United States!

Studying abroad will naturally lead you to study and study with students from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds. By dealing with classmates in these different countries, our original fixed thinking will be broken by multiculturalism, with different dimensions and perspectives to consider the problem. Sometimes when faced with a problem, you can use the solution of foreigners, and you may get very good results. Using a multiple perspective approach to think and solve problems is also favored by enterprises, especially foreign companies.

In the face of the problem of returning students to work in the country, parents do not need to be pessimistic. Whether it is to stay in the local employment or return to the country for employment, it is not necessary to stay back to the country, nor is it necessary to return to the country to serve the motherland. It is necessary for the child to measure where it is more suitable for his own development. Therefore, parents should treat such problems and let the children choose the lifestyle they want.

If you are not confident in applying for study abroad, you can consult a professional study agent. If you are enrolled in school, you meet studying abroad and drop out of school (also known as 留学退学), urgent transfer (also known as 紧急转学), summer internship (also known as 暑期实习), you can also seek help from a study agent. There are many such study agents, dream go study, NYIS (also known as 纽约小纽) ,are all good choices. Of course, after graduation, the h1b and the green card (also known as h1b绿卡) applications can also entrust a professional lawyer, they will give you good advice on the visa application, h1b transfer time (also known as h1b transfer时间).

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