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A Brand New Millennium within the Home Business Industry Has Started!

The Job at Home Business philosophy continues to be crystallized within the minds of entrepreneurs during the last seven years by such noted authors as Robert Kiyosaki, Jesse Trump and Robert Allen.

Before we start having a quick overview, you need to understand a couple of realities. First, based on the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurial Studies, there are approximately 15 million individuals The United States alone who take part in the job at home based business industry at any time. Regrettably though, 97% of individuals 15 million individuals with an aspiration of making financial freedom ultimately make under $12.00 per week. It is really an unfortunate fact, it provides a huge chance for any “change agent” to produce a solution. We are very proud to state that we have done exactly that and leaders through the Multilevel marketing industry are actually relocating to work with Monitium to produce a much greater degree of success for his or her organizations!

This paradigm shift inside the industry has happened due to a now well known business philosophy known as “multiple streams of earnings.” Due to this new business philosophy it is present with see most entrepreneurs being positively involved with 3 or more non-competing companies concurrently (example: travel, diet, skincare, energy, etc.). The days are gone of earnings tunnel vision or cult like behavior following just one company’s directives. It’s abundantly obvious that entrepreneurs have started to realize that there is no reason to allow them to be limited to just one supply of earnings, and something company’s products, inside a world driven through the internet and full of tough product competition.

Your Reality Check:

If you have spent whenever in multilevel marketing, odds are you’ve involved in several possibilities. You might still think you really own your business, but reconsider, your best asset is controlled through the possession of the Multilevel marketing company. At any time, due to their procedures and policies you signed, use of your best asset could be removed of your stuff without any prior notice. Difficult to believe? It should not be, especially because it happens way too frequently. Is that this fair or right? Absolutely not, however the independent distributor has already established no choice but to experience through the companies one-sided rule book for 60 plus years. Company proprietors have had the ability to take a look at their distributors as 1099 “quasi-employees” that they’ll “suspend or terminate” if preferred, instead of as independent business proprietors.

Monitium is here now to aid both established entrepreneurs having a group of thousands, in addition to, the company-new person just beginning out. Our industry altering proprietary platform encompasses all of the necessary functionality to actually as well as your team possess the finest support, back-office and marketing systems available in the market today. Monitium is built to give multilevel marketing professionals’ control of their most significant asset – their genealogy! Although this may seem simple in concept, it isn’t, nor has it have you been done before about this grand of the scale. Essentially, you’ll construct your team once inside Monitium’s proprietary platform and also have it traverses your daily life. We’ve structured your Monitium business therefore it is fully willable, in addition to, sellable if you ever determine that option. Imagine real lengthy term security of the Team Genealogy, it has been impossible so far!

What’s Monitium you may well ask? Let us begin off by suggesting what we are not. Most significantly, we are not really a Multilevel marketing company, nor will we contend with any Multilevel marketing company.

Rather, Monitium negotiates with respect to our Associates to structure relationships with progressive and forward thinking Multilevel Marketing companies. By doing this, Monitium protects our Associates lengthy-term business objectives and considerably reduces their risk. Monitium was produced to safeguard the financial assets of professional entrepreneurs, in addition to, offering unmatched universal industry training and support that affect all Multilevel Marketing Companies.

We offer the various tools you have to:

Track and Talk with your team

Sell to New Prospects

Build a competent Business

Learn to Blog

Provide truly Replicateable Toolset for both you and your associates

Train New Associates in the manner you need to do business

Your participation like a Monitium Affiliate includes:

Replicated website software

Internet hosting services

Data storage and knowledge management for the entire organization

Back-office functionality that enables you to definitely view your business

Extensive training content along with other industry materials

Network support and use of the best minds within the Multilevel Marketing arena.

The Leadership Group of Monitium is composed of multimillion dollar industry earners along with other skillfully developed. They envisioned Monitium after which labored tirelessly to create it towards the marketplace. Our Leadership Team has greater than 300 years experience in the market in addition to extensive expertise out of all areas necessary that will help you develop a wealth legacy for your family.

It doesn’t matter what Multilevel Marketing company you represent Monitium offers of great assistance for you in managing your team, attracting new prospects and in contrast to every other program currently available, protects your genealogy! Should you decide unconditionally to alter companies, or represent a few companies, you are taking your training course, team management and prospecting tools along with you.

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