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5 Reasons Why Air Freight is Your Best Choice When it Comes to Logistics

In today’s modern logistical world, there are so many options to look at when it comes to getting your goods from one part of the country to another or one part of the world to another. The same issues arise no matter where you are sending items to and there are so many modes of transport to look for when you want something delivered. Each mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages, but air freight offers a great way to get your goods from one place to another with great speed. There are  many other reasons for using air freight and we will look at just some of them now.

  1. It is faster – As mentioned above, airfreight is the fastest way to get something around the world. If it is an emergency and the item has to be there in a matter of hours and not days, then you can contact Whale Logistics and their air freight can make that possible. If you compare it to sea or road freight it is obvious that these methods will be too slow and a number of issues that can arise including traffic jams for roads and inclement weather for ships. Air is definitely the fastest way to transport goods.
  1. Trustworthy Arrival and Departure Times – Airlines tend not to miss their departure and arrival times and a lot of the times, they arrive a little earlier than expected which is a good thing. Even if your item doesn’t get on the airplane for whatever reason, there will be another plane that is going to that destination within the hour or even earlier. Your goods will get to their destination at great speed.
  1. Almost Everywhere can be Reached – Most airlines have a vast network of routes that they go on and they have set up may partnerships with other airlines in other countries to make sure that your items gets to where it should be. Every country has an airport and that allows the whole world to open up to you in a business capacity.
  1. Less Storage Needed – Because air freight is so fast, there is really no need to keep stock for long periods of time in your warehouse. They can be ordered and will get to you quickly and similarly, they can be dispatched out to the customer with great speed as well. This means that not only do you save space and time but also money and that is the key to making good profits.
  1. Online Status Available – You can always go online and know exactly where your item is at any given time. This allows you to be sure that your item is on its way and you know where it is if you run into a problem. Having knowledge like this allows you to provide a premium service to your customers for a relatively small outlay.

Air freight is definitely the way to go when you need delivery to be fast, timely and reliable. The right logistical company can make your business life so much easier if you let them.

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