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4 Tips for Designing Your Next Trade Show Booth

When it comes to designing your trade show booth the little details can make all the difference. What sets successful booths that draw high traffic and generate conversions apart from ones that sit idle with only casual glances and no results?

The simple answer is thoughtful design and planning well ahead of the event that you are attending. Let’s take a moment to look at a few tips to help make your next trade show booth more successful through better design.

Accommodate Interactive Movement

No one likes to visit a booth that looks like it was last used for a church bake sale. The old-fashioned “Tent” booth with the single display table up front, the basic backdrop, the single TV showing a loop video, and an information table with one or two people passing out packets was quaint and mildly effective in the ’90s but today you have to accommodate the needs of a society that is used to being highly engaged in what they are interacting with, design your booth with walk-through space, interactive displays, several highly informed representatives, and other elements that encourage movement and interactivity and you will get better conversion results for sure.

Generate Pre Interest

Using signs and way finders along the route to your booth, if permitted by the event management, is a great way to draw more people to your area of the trade show floor and into your space. Carefully designed and placed signs and banners are well worth the extra expense in terms of fabrication and placement fees on the show floor as they give you the leg up on catching the attention of attendees. Remember that everyone on the show floor is looking to grab the attention of the same visitors, you have to be their first, and short of having a booth right near the front doors, using wayfinder signage is a great way to do it. If you are in a trade show that offers lots of competition among your particular sector, then having these additional exposure opportunities means that you can get your statement out more often and therefore attract more potentials to your space.

Make it Multi-Sensory

One key to successful trade show booths is to have a multi-sensory experience for your visitors. This not only draws people in by grabbing their attention from the aisle, but it also shows that you are an interesting and exciting brand that has a lot going on. Use music, lights, video, narration, and other tools to give the visitors to your booth an immersive and informative experience that stands out and you will find that you may have to expand your staff and booth space next year as attendees will be excited to see what’s new “show” you can put on.

Ensure Visual Information Absorption

You can ensure that the visual information that you are presenting in your booth is assimilated by your visitors by using a variety of signs, banners, murals, and other displays that encourage not only reading of your information, but storage of it in the memory of those who you are presenting to. Well designed and properly utilized signage, posters, and banners can make a world of difference. You could go with basic backdrop displays, but then again, you could enjoy playing Tetris on your phone while your competitor across the aisle is dealing with more traffic than they can handle. B2B signage and printing services such as Best of Signs can help you not only design a great signage package for your site, but also can fabricate it and ship it either to your offices or place of business, or directly to the event space if you prefer for added convenience.

With these simple tips, you will have a much better chance of attracting more visitors to your booth and turning those visitors into solid leads. Keep in mind that we have become a visuals society as well as an interactive one. Using signs, video, light, and music as well as accommodating movement and interactivity in your display are all great ways to have a trade show booth that will not only succeed at the event, but will be the talk of your industry for months afterward.

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